Accelerate Your Cloud Journey

With proven healthcare, IT, and compliance expertise, ClearDATA can help you along your cloud journey for even your most sensitive data sets through our healthcare IT consulting and professional services. Develop your cloud strategy based on a culture of compliance from the very beginning with ClearDATA and know that sensitive healthcare data is safe, secure, and compliant.

The ClearDATA Compliant Cloud Adoption Framework

ClearDATA offers the Compliant Cloud Adoption Framework (CCAF) to help you navigate and accelerate your cloud journey with a security and compliance strategy at the core. The ClearDATA Compliant Cloud Adoption Framework covers 3 phases with our healthcare IT consulting and professional services to help your organization scale with the public cloud.


ClearDATA Compliant PLAN

ClearDATA Compliant PLAN will guide you through the cultural, strategic, operational, and technical considerations for a successful cloud journey. Many health organizations desire to realize the benefits of cloud, but they also want to avoid major pitfalls and risks.

ClearDATA’s Compliant PLAN is a single or multi-day stakeholder workshop that will jumpstart your discovery process and equip you with the following deliverables:

  • A high-level organizational readiness assessment
  • Stakeholder agreement on project priorities
  • A clear roadmap to the cloud
  • Stakeholder buy-in for the high-level strategy

ClearDATA Compliant DEPLOY

With ClearDATA Compliant DEPLOY, we will work with you to get your solution up and running in the cloud in a safe and secure manner. Our expertise around security and compliance applied to the cloud means that the regulatory (e.g., HIPAA) and HITRUST controls are implemented from step one.

We can help with the evaluation, selection, planning, and ultimately full cloud migration or implementation. Your environment will be built from the ground up with a security and compliance framework in mind, letting your team focus on building their solution knowing that everything is configured in a safe, secure, and compliant manner.


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ClearDATA Compliant SCALE

Your journey to the cloud doesn’t stop once you’re in it. In fact, that is just the beginning.  Cloud technology is constantly evolving, and the demands of your organization continue to grow.

Taking advantage of the benefits cloud brings requires more than just using it. It requires aligning organizational aspects such as people, process, and technology with a cloud mentality, while keeping up with the latest cloud services and knowing how to leverage them to bring value to your organization.

With ClearDATA Compliant SCALE, our healthcare IT consulting services will help you make cloud more than just a technology, but a part of your strategic direction. We can help you design and build the processes and solutions around different organizational aspects so you and your organization can scale in a safe and compliant manner.

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